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obsessed by colors and shapes

I'm known for my graphic style, bold shapes, and soft colors. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? I get new ideas by drawing connections between different images or subjects. I always need frameworks, freedom paralyzes my creativity. Often the client provides a certain context that I have to work with, and then I look for images that would fit in with this, or are opposite of it. I do that everywhere: on Pinterest and Instagram, in books and films, in everyday life ... This often triggers an image in my head, which I then sketch out again.

Which material do you use, and why the choice for this material use? I work digitally, often in Photoshop and Procreate. My process is not that linear and I like to be able to keep tweaking colors and shapes until I am satisfied. Working digitally gives me the freedom to change my mind halfway through my process and give my work a different spin if I want to.


Describe your style and why this style suits you. I like cheerful, decorative work, full of color. It is the kind of work that makes me very happy. Optimism is important to me. I also love to work with clean lines and shapes and to combine this with soft textures. I often pull something out of perspective or distort relationships. I'm not too interested in mimicking reality.

Are there any personal projects you are working on, and what is the reason for this project? I am now working on a short film called "Evolution". Besides being an illustrator, I am also an animator, but I am often booked as one of the two. Through this film, which I make entirely myself (with the exception of the music), I want to show what I can do if I combine these two forces. I really enjoy doing such a project myself, so that I am not dependent on the choices of others. This allows me to experiment more and to work more loosely. The film is about a small seed that develops legs and wings through evolution and explores different landscapes.


How do you proceed / What is your illustrative process? I find that I often get inspiration by looking it up, not by waiting. That's why I just start, making stripes. When I get an assignment it goes easier, I get associations that have to do with the subject, and then sketches arise automatically. When I make free work, more of a form research is created. Sometimes an image is created, sometimes it is just separate elements. When I am satisfied with a sketch, I work out the colors first. These are all on separate layers for me, so that I can still adjust everything if I want. Whatever happens most of the time, I can get lost in that process for a long time. I will continue until I am satisfied, or until the deadline approaches.

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