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hello handsome frank

On Nov 15 2022 you very generously had a Zoomcall with me discussing my portfolio. You were super helpful discussing the good and the bad of my work, and you pointed out the gaps in my portfolio that could be filled to attract more work.

I wrote everything down and worked in my downtime to fill those gaps. Today, I'd love to show you my progress.


The main feedback of my portfolio was a lack in variety in subject matter. You mentioned that your illustrators get a lot of commissions in subject like lifestyle, editorial, architectural/buildings/maps and technology. Since our call, I've worked in my downtime on these particular areas to diversify my portfolio for future clients.

First on the list: maps! I sometimes get the odd Instagram DM from people outside of the Netherlands asking me if I've got tips for their weekend in Amsterdam. I've decided to create a map of Amsterdam featuring my 12 favourite spots in the city (thus aso having to illustrate 12 buildings). Here are some highlights. The entire map can be found here.

You also noted that more portraits, like the one I made for Goodnight Stories For Rebel Girls, could help me bring in more work. I did not get lots of requests for portraits (probably due to the gap in my portfolio) so I created these music posters to fill that gap:


More on these projects here and here.


To fill my portfolio in the lifestyle categorie, I wanted to create something in the food & beverage area. I designed a label for a cocktail I created with my boyfriend (an ex-bartender) as a gift for our friends wedding.


More on this projects here.

why do i want an agent?

International audience

Most of my clients are based in the Netherlands. I believe my illustrations have the potential to work for an international audience. I hope that an agent can help me get more clients overseas.


With the death of social media I'm looking for alternative ways to promote myself. I believe that people are craving genuine connection more than ever before and I've always value making personal connections with my clients. Connecting with an agent can help bring more eyes to my portfolio.


I've been working freelance fulltime since 2019. Despite renting a shared space with other creatives, being co-host of the Illustration Ladies Amsterdam and being active in various online social media groups, it's a lonely profession. I'm creating every decision and every quote with no other expertise than my own experiences and gut feeling. It would be a great feeling to have someone around who has my business best interest at heart, someone who I can come to for advise if needed.

We share the same work ethic

I note from various interviews you did on podcasts that you value communication and a hard working mentality. Same as me! I love the business side of this job and I think our views on (the current state of) the illustration business overlap a lot.

I love what you do for your artists

I love that you're so active! With the podcast, newsletter, mini documentaries, an active social media account and interviews on sites like Creative Boom, you're always promoting your artist and the work they create.

The artists on your roster are top of the industry

Naturally I'd love to be a part of that list :)

I've heard you're really nice and lovely to work with

This is actually reason number one. Your artists always speak very highly of their collaboration with you. I always want to work with people who are nice and genuine, and you seem to be both!

why do i want handsome frank?

what kind of projects would i like to work on in the future?

I'd love to do a wine/cocktail/beer label, or illustration for packaging for products like tea or biscuits or tinned sardines. Or even a cat food brand!

I love creating book covers and I always want to do more! And illustrating a cocktail- or cookbook would be a dream come true.

High fashion
Illustrating a Hermès scarf is still on top of my bucket list, but I'd also very much enjoy illustrating a perfume campaign. Working for Lush is also on my list (maybe not so high fashion, but sustainable and a great mix between beauty and nature).

I also very much enjoy to work on lifestyle and nature-inspired projects.


want to know more?

Feedback 15 nov 2022

For an agent and their clients, variety in subjects matter. What often is commissioned is:

  • lifestyle

  • editorial

  • architectural/buildings

  • technology

What jumped out was this project: Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls. Portraits get commissioned a lot, so you can make more of them.

It might be good to do a series of things:

  • famous women in history

  • lots of diversity/genders

You have a little bit too much a focus on a niche Japanese style. My portfolio screams ‘this is me’, but lacks variety. It’s strong, we just need to see more.

It’s also too much leaning towards Andrew Lyon’s work. We don’t need two of the same.

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