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Branding 'lichting' for the effenaar

After the poster for Tom Rosenthal, I sat down with the people from the Effenaar to discuss further branding for one of their programs, Lichting. This program focuses on new, up-and-coming and/or underground artists and gives them a stage, literally. The Effenaar was in need of artwork to promote this program both offline and online, on their website and social media.

I created a template poster which they can use again and again, with different artists. The colors and logo were already fixed based on the previous branding by Maus Bullhorst. Effenaar also liked to push the nature theme. Based on this information I made three sketches, with room for the picture of the band in the centre:

They chose the second one, because the art deco-style fitted very well with previous designs and the overall branding of the Effenaar. The color scheme was locked, but I found room to make some variations:

In the end we went with the blue version.

I then cut up the poster to create animations for their Instagram feed, Instagram stories and Facebook banners.

Working with the Effenaar is really cool, as they give me a lot of freedom. It allows me to try new things and push myself. It's not often I create work without any characters. It gives me a thrill knowing my artwork is printed and put up all around Eindhoven too.

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