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Feature on creative howl

Last week I was contacted by Jonas Welin from Creative Howl. He's got a website dedicated to artist, creators, and illustrators, with loads of tips and guides to make your creative life easier. It's really useful, and I especially like the lists he makes full of ideas on marketing, selling and improving your work. Head over to their website to check it out!

They've also got an ongoing project about illustration and how the makers got inspired to create them. Jonas asked me to write a story about my illustration, Outgrown, and what my inspiration was behind this piece. You can read my entry here.

I also talk a bit about my website and blog. I would really like to build this blog, and put time and effort in it. Maybe people can learn something about my journey as an illustrator, but I also like to keep track of my ups and downs, and to learn from them. My website and blog are always in motion, always updated to my latest experience. You can read about it here.

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