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I'm a new artist on Lake Coloring!

I'm very glad to announce that from now on, my work is available on the coloring app Lake Coloring! I'm really honored to be featured among such great artists. The app itself is amazing, it even won the Apple Design Award in 2017! I've created 12 pages for you to choose from.

Drawing for me has always had a therapeutic value, especially when drawing soothing pictures of flowers or fashion. This is why I mostly choose to draw peaceful girls in their moments of ease. I hope I can aspire others to draw with me and maybe create a quiet moment of rest for them. Or at the very least, have them enjoy my linework. I've already filled in one page for you to serve as inspiration.

It was terrific to draw for Lake Coloring, as they were very organized and absolutely swell in their communication. It's always easier to make good work for clients who understand the workflow of the artist.

The app can be downloaded here for Apple only. It's subscription-based, but the first page is free!

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