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personal projects: food illustration

At the start of 2020, I made a promise to myself to find a hobby this year. I have the unfortunate habit of not switching off in my downtime. Sometimes I'm just bored by Netflix and just start working again, by lack of anything better to do.

I bought a Nintendo Switch and Animal Crossing, which really helped during boring quarantine days... But this just shifted my obsession from working to gaming. Not a very good use of my time.

With more free time at hand, I needed to find something to do. I bought a few terrific cookbooks (why are cookbooks always the most gorgeous of books?) and started cooking. This sparked some inspiration and before I knew it I was illustrating the food I prepared the day before.

Hope this turns into a little series, as it's a very relaxing subject to draw. Who knows. For now, enjoy my lemon pasta with samphire and parmezan.

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