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popshot magazine - the chance issue

I was happy to make this illustration for the Chance issue of Popshot Magazine. Popshot is a British magazine that uses beautiful illustration to accompany poetry, flash fiction and short stories, submitted by readers from all over the world. I think it's really great that these magazines exist, as they expand our world view and give insight in the minds of new writers.

I was appointed a short story by Janet Bowstead called 'Oh no, I forgot to have children'. It describes two people sitting in a garden, reminiscing about their life up until now, naming all their reasons for not having children. But still...

The babies in the flowers stand for fertility and new life, but I used washed-out colors to resemble fall. This also links to the main characters age, and the opportunities they might have missed.

Many thanks to my AD Lauren Debono-Elliot for the confidence in my work.

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