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portrait of theo lee

Recently I was commissioned my dream project: to create a portrait of Theodore Lee, surrounded by her flower crown and her cat. There's nothing I love more than flowers and cats, and this was also for a book of the UK ADHD foundation, of which I, as someone with ADD am a great supporter.

The book was initiated and funded by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, and developed with support from Edelman and Studio Anorak. It's free, and its purpose is to share stories, struggles and achievements from people with ADHD for people with ADHD. The book gives an opportunity to learn about the positives of having an ADHD brain. All writers and illustrators have some form of ADD or ADHD. The result is a colorful, crazy creative book of great talent and it's an honor to be part of that.

You can download the whole book here. And to top it all of, here's a link to the feature of this book by It's Nice That!

Thanks to Cathy Olmedillas from Studio Anorak for the art direction of this project.

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