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Studio Tour

Lots of things have changed since I last wrote something here. The obvious pandemic that has changed our situation so much, but also some personal stuff. There's lots I want to tell you, but first:

I'm really happy to show you my workspace! Possibly the biggest thing that has happened for me personally in my first year of freelancing. I decided to rent a place for myself out of home with my friend Olga, who is not only my friend but also an amazing animator and director. We were both working from home and even though I found it very productive (I'm easily distracted by my surroundings), I missed having lunches and friday drinks together with people from work. It would also be great to have a trigger to put on pants sometimes, and it was healthy to have a reason to go outside everyday. I was slowly transforming into a hermit. A very lazy, non-moving hermit. I can work very well on my own and I'm not the type to initiate going for drinks with friends. I'm also usually not really looking forward to meeting new people. It's not a problem and I think I have the perfect job for an introvert, but I'm always trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I believe if I would listen to my own needs and just stay inside week in, week out, working on my skills, I would become a very productive illustrator, sure. But I'm not sure if I would grow as a person and a business. I need other people too, and I could learn a lot from being around other professionals. So I decided to look for a place out of home.

We found a really cool place, close to the Central Station of Amsterdam, and also next to the canal, which makes for a great lunchspot. We shared the space with two other creative women, so it was perfect. Unfortunately, a week after we moved in our stuff, our government announced the quarantine and we were stuck working from home again. It was a real bummer after looking for the perfect place for so long. We had to wait three months until we could move back in again. By that time, the two other women had left already, and we were forced to look for new renters ourselves. Luckily, we found Gigi, an illustrator and animator, and Lara, who is a freelance strategist. Together we have a lot of fun!

My workplace is located right above the 'Mina'!

It's still a bit of a work-in-progress, I'd like to paint a wall and hang some prints, and create more space for plants. But as I'm a done-is-better-than-perfect-kind of girl, here's a quick little tour already:

It feels amazing to share a space with other creative women, all passionate and motivated in their own way, supporting each other. I feel very lucky. We can give each other tips and advice when things go well, or ask questions or feedback if we're struggling. We can share our network and our experience with each other. I can focus really well, since it's just the four of us, and all of us are very serious workers. Bonuspoints for all the biking I need to do to get to my office everyday (40 minutes a day definitely beats the gym).

I really feel this space and my studio mates are lifting my work to a higher standard, both professionally and personally. Also, the wine on Friday tastes way better when we're together.

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