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Zorg & Zekerheid - Six Minute Stories
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Six minute stories

Client: Zorg & Zekerheid

Agency: Dawn

Production studio: Ambassadors

Design: Sue Doeksen

Animation: Iris van den Akker, Olga van den Brandt

The Dutch health insurance company Zorg en Zekerheid created a campaign called Six Minute Stories, for which they developed 8 little books, written by famous Dutch writers, that can be read in 6 minutes. They are the size of a smartphone and were distributed on train stations in 2017. By doing this, people could mentally unwind and were more relaxed while traveling by train.


I animated the book covers with Olga van den Brandt at Ambassadors as a promotion for the campaign. In total there were 10 films, this film is a compilation of them all.

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